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30 Spline Super Set

30 Spline Super Set
Brand: Trail Gear
Product Code: TG-30SUPERSET
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Price: $628.95
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The new Longfield lis made of 4340 chromoly. The balls are smaller which allows them to have a thicker ball and cage. The cage is a completely new redesign that gives more strength at full turn. The inner race is also a new and different design, made from 300M material. It is longer for added strength. the inner axle is also 4340 chromoly. Instead of the stock 27-spline that goes in the birfield, they have now made it 30-spline. These inner axles have a snap-ring that goes in the birfield. It fits inside the inner race to keep it from drifting back and forth. No martack required!



Available for:

  • Toyota Minitruck solid front axle
  • FJ40 and FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • FJ60 and FJ62 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • FJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser (27 spline, intended for off-road use but can be driven on street)


    No longer available - please contact us for details'

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